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> is guard against threats to you brand. Free subscription.

> W3C Validation Service (free)
12 HTML Writers Guild Accessibility Features

> HumanClick lets you talk for free to the visitors on your site, free download
> Protect Privacy
IT Knowledge Tutorials
> Dynamic Web Ranking (shareware)
> MarketingTips: "Act like a mail server", 2000

Building & Registration

Site Improvement

Site Inspector is a popular validation tool. With the SiteInspector you can check HTML Validity, Spelling, Link Validity, Load time, Popularity (what sites have links to your site). NetMechanic, HTMLWorks and SiteOwner offer this service free.

Background Color Wizard helps to check on compatibility of background and text colors, try bgwizard!

Backgroundscroller scrolls background text; very nice trick.

Our MetaTag Generator helps to make your site more visible for robots and search engines. You will increase your traffic.

Altavista Search Box helps to search on the Web with most powerful search engine. Place it on your site!

Web Pages

Moving Dropdown Menu helps to create Jump-forms in your site without CGI, try DropDown Menu.

At last you uploaded site on the Web and can see and compare. Ask yourself: do you like own site?

0.Is it easy to read text on your pages??? Or you place small font on black background and think that it's cool and all visitors will read your nearly unvisible text?
1.Are all links on your site working?
2.Maybe, content is too static? Did you try to use SSI (Server Side Includes) or PHP3?
3.Can this site like your target markets? Do you know YOUR target market?
4.Do you remember about the goal of the creating of site? Entertainment, or business, or simple Internet presence?
5.Is your site interesting? Maybe, you need to add anything or to remove anything? Any visitor can say: "Give me what I want or I click somewhere else!"

6.Is it easy to support your site?
7.Is your site attracting attention, creating interest, building desire, and getting action?
8.Do you have business plan?

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