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Privacy Policy, 2000

Building & Registration

Domain Name Registrars

The first you need to register own domain name - unic identity on the Internet. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) was formed for domain name system management, IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, root server system management. There are 7 top level domains (.com, .net, .org, .edu, .mil, .gov, .int), domain names for the countries (.usa, .tv, .md,...) and new TLD were added November 17th,2000 to existing domain names.

Addresses on the World Wide Web will use new 7 suffixes such as .aero, .biz, .coop, .info, .name, .museum and .pro. New domain names will registered by special registrars: .aero will registered by International Society of Aerospace Telecommunications (Belgium), Global Name Registry (England) will register .name, MDMA is a registrar for .museum, JVTeam (Delaware) will register .biz, NCBA (Washington, DC) is a registrar for .coop, Afilias is a registrar for .info, RegistryPro (Ireland) is a registrar for .pro. The decision about first change in over 10 years was approved July 16, 2000 by a meeting in Japan of the ICANN.

ICANN begun taking applications from companies - registrars that plan to sell and register the new top-level domains. Those companies submit proposals for the new TLDs and explained how they will screen and register those seeking to own Websites with the new suffixes. Applications start in August and finished in November. After that, the registrars will sell new domain names to the public.

ICANN supports List of Accredited and Accreditation-Qualified Registrars with addresses and descriptions include georaphic location.

Domain name registration is done through Internet access companies, web host companies, web developers and consultants. The domain name requests are sent to NSI, administrator of the Dot Com Registry (The Registry database contains ONLY .COM, .NET, .ORG, .EDU domains and Registrars), and processed: domain name is available or not:


InterNIC will charge a $70 registration fee per new domain for the cost of proceeding the initial registration and maintaining the domain name record for 2 years. Now it's possible $35/year.

But every registar has flexibility to set the term (1-10 years) and the price it charges for registering name after 01/15/2000. They offer discounted or free registration if it connected with other offerings: web hosting or anything else. For example, Dotster offers 1 Year domain name registration per $15.

EasySpace offers free website "" with 25 MB webspace, or registration of your domain name for $7.99 - $25 per year (free e-mail). eNom offers $15-$30 domain registration price per year. And so on. offers search for a domain name across all registrars, including new registrars. Links to all active and pending registrars and allows users to receive detailed domain reports via email

Name-Keeper offers domain names 3 level ( hostnames) with domain names 2 level,, and others.

Trellix Web and some other registrars offer free domain name if you host your new site with Web Provider is free webhosting company for your free business site "", 20MB, unlimited e-mail, easy SiteBuilder, full FTP access...

Cost of the registration of domain name is vary: from $0 to $70 for 2 years. It can be free in 3 occurencies:

1.If you like free name then you can go on and take free redirect url and free email for it. There are a lot of domains to choose from:,,,, ...

2.If you want really free domain name, you can find web hosting company what provides it for you.

3.You can take domain name 3 level (yourname.???.com). All disadvantages are clear.

There are a huge quantity of individuals and companies who registered domain names for sale later. But all popular words was registered many time ago, and this business is risky enough. For example, some companies have hundreds names for sale.

And the case "Sporty's Farm vs. Sportsman's Market Inc." (01/24/00) created precedent in the use of "Antycybersquatting Consumer Protection Act" enacted in law on 11/29/1999.

New York Law Journal in Robert D.Gilbert's article describes this precedent.

The Act provides a a non-exhaustive list of factors that a court may consider when measuring an alleged infringer's bad faith intent. This factors include:

whether the registrant holds trademark or other intellectual
property rights to the domain name;

whether the domain name is the registrants legal name;

whether the registrant had engaged in prior use of the domain name
in connection with the bona fide offering of any goods or services;

whether the registrant intended to divert consumers
from the mark owner's on-line location;

whether the person had offered to sell or transfer the domain name
to the mark owner or a third party for financial gain,
without having an intent to use the domain name to offer goods or services;

whether the registrant had provided misleading information when applying for the registration of the domain name;

whether the registrant was "warehousing" multiple domain names that mirror the trademarks of others.

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General Resources

CORE - Internet Council of Registrars
Network Solutions
NSI Registry - operator of central database
IANA -Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
ASO - Address Supporting Organization
WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization