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> Web Host Directory offers search of the appropriate web host, summary and overview of a web host company.

> HostIndex - ranking of web host companies, full descriptions.

> free hosting for .com,.net,.org and int'l domain names.

Hybrid Hosting - bad and good web hosting reviews.

AAA Hostlist - free listing for hosting companies

Webhost Area offers PowerSearch for right sort of webhost what you need, SpeedTest

HostFacts offers great search tool for a web host on your list of criteria.

WebHostList of CNET offers choose from great database of Internet Access, Web Host, Web Developers with geographic search.

CrossWinds offers unlimited web space, free business webhosting, free e-mail.

My Free Office offers unlimited web space, free webhosting, free e-mail. They pay you for surf.

Virtualave offers 20 MB free web space, free subdomain "", free business webhosting, free e-mail.

Tripod offers 11 MB free web space, free business webhosting, free subdomain "".

IceStorm offers unlimited web space, free business webhosting, free e-mail.

Hypermart offers free web hosting, free e-mail, free 5MB of web space and a lot of resources for small e-business.

NetMechanic's ServerCheck helps you make round-the-clock serveer monitoring, real-time perfomance statistic and more.

BigMailBox offers free web-based e-mail from your site (

Best Host offers free webhosting for you if you sold 4 webhosting plans.

BestHost1 - great Whois and free webhosting and much more.

More Resources

netfirms gives you 25 MB of webspace, free e-mails, free web hosting service and more.

Hostway offers 200 MB Disk, 6 GB traffic, 5 e-mail, SSI and more for $13.95/mo.

Free Sites Network offers subdomain "", unlimited space, free e-mail and much more - free.

> offers 8 hours ServerCheck for test the server perfomance.

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Web Hosting - free and paid

Free Web hosting services:

FreeWeb has the largest database of the free ISPs in many countries.

FortuneCity gives 20 MB of Web space for homepages with Message Boards, Guestbooks and other tools. It's great for your hobbies. They place ad banners on your pages.

CyberCities - organize your own CyberTown.

Free Web Page Site - all sorts of tools for webmasters including - Free Stuff - Free Webmaster Tools - Free Web Space - Free Web Master Resources - Free Guestbooks - Free Counters

The Free Webpage Provider Review gives information about free webspace and email providers.

Free web Hosting Top 20 - Rating, details.

Free Home Page Hosting A thru E- Personal Web Pages - List of places where your can build your Web site for FREE, from Guide

SpacePorts offers free unlimited space, web hosting, email and more for a placing on your pages banners of SpacePorts.

Free Web Hosting Services is a listing of companies that provide FREE Website Hosting. Also provided is a list of the features provided along with comments.

Supernews Web Hosting offers FREE Web Hosting and Dedicated servers. Fast connections and server reliability guarantee your satisfaction.

GeoCities provides for you 11 MB disk space, tools for creating your small (less then 50 pages) non - business website.

Tripod provides free web hosting service and space for your home page.

Angelfire gives you 5 MB disk space, tools and images only from their own archive.

ACMEcity - child of Warner Bros Online and FortuneCity - gives you 20 MB of space, webpage builder and free email for noncommercial (entertainment) use. offers eCommerce solutions: free business web hosting, 35 MB, free business e-mail and domain parking for your small business, domain names, creating online catalog for your store and much more.

CR Web - Free Web Page Hosting is an index of places that offer to host your web page for FREE, many sites of Web Hosting companies are in spanish. - the largest free webhosting guide. Free hosting index of 407 providers of free webspace. Reviews and comparison charts of free webhosts. This is the ultimate free webspace guide.

B-City - Free Business Web Sites offers a free web site for your business at B-City. Free five-minute web page service will have you up and running in no time - no html. offers free Web Space, Email, and much more.

Name-Keeper offers free webhosting and registration of you own hostname.

Virtual Domain Hosting Packages offers free 10 MB, unlimited e-mail, daily web statistic and access to log files and more.

Free Sites Network gives domain names (or you choose from 70 variants), 30 MB, free e-mail...

ForSite offers high-quality web hosting, free domain registration and domain parking, your own cgi-bin, SSI and PMP3 and more for $19.95/mo.

MySiteInc offers 2 MB of space and domain name "" and ability to earn cash.

Homestead gives you free web site for business, hobbies, chats, clubs... 16 MB sof space, e-mail, statistics. Great service!

All Web Hosting Services:

The best place for selection from 2034 companies offering web hosting is, in my mind, They are looking to general web hosting companies, and to companies specialized in E-Commerce hosting, Reseller hosting, NT Web hosting, Cold Fusion hosting and Dedicated Servers. You can vote pro or contra any web hosting company and it allows make monthly ranking of them.

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