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HTML Editors

CuteHTML 1.2 of GloballESCAPE, Inc. is an excellent text-based HTML design tool from the makers of CuteFTP. Lots of great features like color-coded tags, snippets, Drag and Drop, Tag Tips and much more!

Arachnophilia 4.0 is a most popular 32-bit HTML editor and workshop. You can import fully formatted text, tables and outlines; import them into Arachnophilia, and watch as they are converted into HTML code, complete with colors, fonts and styles. Also supported are CGI, frames, Java, JavaScript, and C++ development. New in this version, Arachnophilia has added a built-in FTP client to automatically update your Web site.

AWeb Developer 1.45 includes support for XML and more. It was developed for creating web pages involving complicated tables, frames and forms. With AWeb Developer you can work on and preview multiple pages at once. Other features include a split screen display with the HTML source code on the left and the HTML preview of the right. This split screen design allows you to easily edit and preview your code instantly with a single mouse click. With AWeb Developer you can also test your code on multiple browsers and at different resolutions (640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768). You can also use AWeb Developer as a text editor for XML, Java Script and Rich text.

Black Swan HTML Editor 6.0 is a quick, power, small, unexpencive and easy-to-use one.

40tude HTML is a professional feature-rich HTML Editor. It has a unique CodeQuick feature, integrated publishing wizard, HTML viewer and image viewer, pre-defined JavaScripts, instant color coding (even with large files), project management, template support, spell checker, and much more. 40tude HTML runs in English or German and is intuitive and comfortable.

Ace Expert integrates great new features including HTML syntax checking, fast and easy image browsing, 20 templates for creating Web pages, search and replace in multiple files, a new visual table tool, code checkers, spell check, 50 pre-defined Java applets, 12 pre-defined JavaScripts, 5 pre-defined DHTML scripts, HTMcat references, easy integration of stylesheets, FTP manager, 2500 graphics, and much more.

HTMLPad includes a fully functional text editor supporting files up to 10 MB, allows you to automatically detect GIF and JPEG width and height and a lot of any features.

Agile HTML Editor is a professional-level editor, featuring unlimited file size, search and replace, multi-level undo/redo, syntax coloring, built-in HTML references, and support for multiple HTML standards and browser extensions, including HTML 4.0, Netscape 4.0 and MSIE 4.0.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor++ is an advanced HTML editor with outstanding features for editing HTML documents. It incorporates all the features available for editing HTML documents. View and convert any image file to a Web page-friendly graphic, and more. You name it, you can do it with this program. FTP upload and download, take advantage of 50 JavaScripts, and use the built-in animated gifs.

Companion is a powerful component-based HTML editor, site manager, and script generator in one. Companion's true component model pushes the reusability of code beyond the level of templates and snippets of code. Any segment of code (HTML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, and so on) can be turned into a component which reusability can be optimized using Companion Script and parameters. Companion lets you access content from Microsoft Access® databases as well as any ODBC database.

First Page 2000 is an entirely *FREE* HTML/script authoring tool for professional and blooming webmasters. This powerful program comes with an eye-catching interface and everything you need to create professional websites. Some features include 450 JavaScripts, 15 DHTML scripts, highlighted tags, automatic image sizing, HTML stripper, document compressor, source formatter, TidyHTML, JavaScript rollover effects, spell checker, thesaurus and many more.

HomeSite of Allaire includes fully customizable color coding, built-in HTML 3.0-compliant Web browser, multi-file search and replace, Explorer-style directory view for easy access to HTML documents, user-defined tool buttons, rulers, block indenting, ...

SiteAid is a premiere shareware application that allows the user multiple tag-insertion methods and many quick wizard forms. This is very configurable editor that prefers toolbars to menu choices. There are several wizards, including a frames and table wizard.

All above is a freeware or shareware software. Of course, there are much more HTML editors. You can find them on TUCOWS and CNet.

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