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ASP is a Microsoft developed technology that allows the development of dynamic pages. Among other things it allows persistent connections between the client and server, the development of Client server sessions, and the access and management of Data bases from the client side. ASP uses VBScript as its native language, but it can also use JavaScript or Perl.

What is a Active Server Pages applications? The first, ASP Components you can create using any of the three major tools: Visual Basic, Visual C++ and JavaScript. You can find many useful components, tutorials and more in the next sites:

  • Learn ASP contains 20 free tools including weather tickers, news tickers, wwwboards, chat rooms, etc.
  • ASP 101 The place ASP developers go! It's a founder of ASP WebRing.
  • ASP Upload is advanced upload component.
  • ASP Guild International is non-profit organization for promotion the use of Active Server Pages Technology.

  • ASP Developer's Web Ring is a community of 209 sites of ASP developers.

  • ASP Alliance is a great site with a lot of free components for your needs. Free web space.
  • ASP Resource Index is an union of 196 ASP Sites with a lot of resources.

  • Free ASP Hosting 3 services that give free ASP hosting for your website; 30 MB of space, MS Access databases...
  • ASP Smart supposes aspSmartForum3.0, free aspSmartUpload, aspSmartCache and other web applications.

  • ASPEdit is ASP and HTML Editor with full support for VB scripts, StyleSheets, Cold Fusion, Perl, PHP3, MIVA. Easy to use, it has wizards for new active server pages

  • ASPWire is a part of and supposes Active Server Pages news, product reviews.

  • Master Dave's ASP shows how to use VB for creating COM components to be used in VBscript.

    A new, open extension to CGI that provides high performance for all Internet applications without any of the limitations of existing Web server APIs.
  • Free CGI Scripts Scripts in PERL, PHP, Java, and C++. Chat rooms, discussion forums, games, and more.
  • Free CGI Scripts from Website Reporter. You can find a couple of nice counters here, require "fly" or SSI.
  • XCML a computer language that can be used to create web pages, multimedia projects and full applications.

    Of course, there are much more ASPs, DLLs and vbscripts in the public libraries as, TUCOWS and CNet.

  • Free Services

    Favorite ASP Resources

    EarthWeb ITLibrary - Free Archive (124 ASP programs, 41 ASP Tutorials)
    TopSites (42 vbscripts, 91 ActiveX, 316 JavaScripts, 139 DHTML)
    askASP - 64 components, Toolbox.
    Fuzzy Software - 56 applications, 152 components, 55 ASP and SQL resources and more.
    ASP Resource Index
    ASPEdit - most powerful ASP and HTML Editor
    ASP Emporium - popular active server applications - more 200 free Applications
    ASP Today offers the great Applications, Components, Tricks